Keeping Your Goats Healthy

By: Dr. Ken Andries, Extension Animal Science Specialist

Kentucky State University

Healthy goats will eat well, chew their cud, have a shiny hair coat, strong feet and legs, be sociable, and have bright and clear eyes. To prevent health problems producers need to develop a good herd health program that includes proper nutrition, a clean well ventilated environment, kid processing, and keeping a vaccination schedule.  The first step is to purchase animals that are healthy and from a herd with …

Traits to Consider

Traits to consider when selecting.

Producers have a number of traits they can utilize to select their breeding stock. These traits include breed information– horns, color, body type — birth type, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, milk production and mothering ability.

The key to success is to concentrate on one or a few traits that have the greatest economic impact to your herd. In most cases these are traits related to growth and include birth, weaning and yearling weight. …

Marketing Goat to Restaurants

Marketing Goat to Restaurants

Rory Lewandowski, Extension Agent Ag/NR Athens County

Goat meat is a unique product that is very much in demand among certain segments of our population. But how can producers go about marketing goat to restaurants?

Athens restauranteur Mike McKniff, who buys vegetables, fruit, dairy and meat produce from local farmers, recommends doing background research to determine which restaurants to approach. Those that can appreciate quality products and have some flexibility in purchasing are the best to …

Developing the Goat Industry through Cultural Awareness

Developing the Meat Goat Industry through Cultural Awareness


Interest in meat goats has grown rapidly over the past 10 years. Goat is the most frequently consumed meat in the world. In the United States, meat-goat production is increasing because of goats’ economic value as efficient converters of low-quality forages into quality meat, milk and hide products for many specialty markets. Preference for goats is growing in populations of health conscious, ethnic and faith-based consumers. National estimates indicate there is …