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Tennessee Meat Goats

Tennessee Meat Goat does.


Tennessee Meat Goat buck.


Tennessee Meat Goat does.

Tennessee Meat Goats™ were developed by Suzanne Gasparotto at Onion Creek Ranch in Buda, Texas. She selected Myotonic goats with the largest frames and heaviest muscles for breeding. The Myotonic goats were “improved” by breeding these larger and more muscled full-blood Myotonic goats to unrelated full-blood Myotonics. The resultant strain was named the Tennessee Meat Goat (TMG), which is a trademarked name.

Like Myotonic goats, TMGs are heavily muscled animals with a genetic condition called myotonia, which is a neuromuscular condition that causes them to stiffen and sometimes fall over for a few seconds when startled. This does not make them any more susceptible to predators than any other breed of goat.

Color combinations for TMGs include black and white, solid tan, tan and white, all white, black, and roan. Bucks and does reach full maturity at four years of age. Does are reported to be easy kidders, excellent mothers, and frequent twinners. They breed year-round.

Tennessee Meat Goats™ are registered through Pedigree International in Humansville, Missouri.

Photographs of does and buck are from Onion Creek Ranch, Buda, Texas taken by Pat Cotten (Bending Tree Ranch, Greenbrier, AR).