Goat Breeds TexMaster


TexMaster buck.


TexMaster kid.


TexMaster does.

This breed was developed by Onion Creek Ranch through several generations of crossing Tennessee Meat Goats™ with Boer goats. The purpose of the breed was to develop a meat goat breed to meet commercial demands such as low maintenance, efficient feed utilization, good mothering skills, rapid growth, and thrifty kids. TexMasters™, like Tennessee Meat Goats™, may be registered with Pedigree International.

Picture of TexMaster buck and TexMaster kid are from Double O Ranch, Vanessia & Larry Ochs owners, Ottawa, KS 66067.

Picture of does are from from Onion Creek Ranch, Buda, Texas taken by Pat Cotten (Bending Tree Ranch, Greenbrier, AR).