Goat Nutrition CD1

CD1 Langston Buck Test Diet

This is the diet currently used for the Meat Goat Performance Test. It has a medium level of high-fiber feedstuffs, although performance of the bucks on this diet has been very good. The dietary level of ammonium chloride was increased slightly from that used previously and the additional 0.5 percent of white salt was added to minimize problems with urinary calculi. The diet is pelletized, with use of a commercial pelleting agent such as Pellet Partner. The calculated composition of this diet on a dry matter basis is:

Crude protein (CP) – 17%
Total digestible nutrients (TDN) – 67%
Calcium (Ca) – 0.82%
Phosphorus (P) – 0.41%
Ingredient % (air dry basis)
Dehydrated alfalfa meal 19.98
Cottonseed hulls 29.07
Cottonseed meal 15.99
Ground corn 15.99
Wheat midds 9.99
Pellet Partner 5.00
Trace mineralized salt 0.50
White salt 0.50
Yeast 1.00
Calcium carbonate 0.95
Ammonium chloride 1.00
Vitamin A30 premix 0.02
Rumensin 80 premix 0.01

Reference: Hart, S. P. and A. L. Goetsch. 2001. Goat Diet/Feeding Examples. Pages 64-85 in Proc. 16th Ann. Goat Field Day, Langston University, Langston, OK.