Goat Nutrition CF3

CF3 Meat Goat Creep Feed

CF3 is a creep feed that was used in an experiment with suckling meat goat kids. It is fairly similar to CF1 in composition, with a high level of molasses but a slightly lower level of CP. Trace mineral and vitamin premixes are those used for CD2. The composition on a dry matter basis is:

CP – 18%
TDN – 73%
Ca – 0.64%
P – 0.48%
Ingredient % (air dry basis)
Wheat midds 19.669
Dehydrated alfalfa pellets 14.587
Ground corn 23.582
Rolled oats 19.668
Soybean meal 6.166
Blood meal 1.000
Fish meal 1.400
Feather meal 1.000
Molasses 10.000
Calcium carbonate 0.500
Vitamin premix 0.500
Trace mineralized salt 0.500
Deccox, 6% 0.050

Reference: Hart, S. P. and A. L. Goetsch. 2001. Goat Diet/Feeding Examples. Pages 64-85 in Proc. 16th Ann. Goat Field Day, Langston University, Langston, OK.