Goat Nutrition DCD8

DCD8 50-Percent Concentrate Late Lactation Diet

The 50-percent concentrate diet shown below was used in an experiment in late lactation. The level of milk production by doelings supported by this diet was similar to that of other dietary concentrate levels. However, milk production by does consuming this diet was greater than production by does consuming diets with 20-, 35- or 65-percent concentrate. Trace mineral and vitamin premixes are those used for CD2. The calculated composition on a dry matter basis is:

CP – 16.7%
ME – 2.49 Mcal/kg
NEl – 1.57 Mcal/kg
Ca – 0.80%
P – 0.40%
Ingredient % (dry matter basis)
Cottonseed hulls 20.000
Ground alfalfa hay 30.000
Ground corn 35.205
Soybean meal 9.287
Molasses 3.000
Dicalcium phosphate 0.828
Calcium carbonate 0.289
Ammonium sulfate 0.200
Vitamin premix 0.500
Trace mineralized salt 0.691

Reference: Hart, S. P. and A. L. Goetsch. 2001. Goat Diet/Feeding Examples. Pages 64-85 in Proc. 16th Ann. Goat Field Day, Langston University, Langston, OK.