Goat Nutrition S3

S3 Low/Moderate Quality Forage Supplement for Growing/Yearling Goats

The S3 supplement has been used to supplement growing/yearling goats grazing or consuming harvested forages with low crude protein (CP) and total digestible nutrients (TDN) levels. The feeding rate is 0.75 percent of body weight on a dry matter basis, or about 0.83 percent of body weight on an as-fed basis. For a 30-kilogram (66-pound) goat, this would be 0.25 kilograms, as fed, or 0.55 pounds. Because some of the other treatments did not entail any concentrate feeding, a loose mineral/vitamin supplement was fed separately. Trace mineral and vitamin premixes are those used for the High Concentrate, Corn-Based Experimental Diet. The calculated composition on a dry matter basis is:

CP – 30.2%
TDN – 77.7%
Ca – 0.51%
P – 0.68%
Ingredient % (air dry basis)
Ground corn 20.330
Ground oats 20.101
Wheat middlings 20.101
Molasses 6.629
Soybean meal 19.878
Fish meal 5.182
Blood meal 3.889
Feather meal 3.889

Reference: Hart, S. P. and A. L. Goetsch. 2001. Goat Diet/Feeding Examples. Pages 64-85 in Proc. 16th Ann. Goat Field Day, Langston University, Langston, OK.