Goat Pastures Poisonous Plants Photodynamic

Plants that are photodynamic

Photodynamic plants can induce a toxic reaction in photosensitive animals. In typical cases, an animal suddenly becomes sore on the white areas of its body. Whole areas of white skin may raise up and slough off. White goats may become severely affected and die from this condition. Some common plants, which cause photosensitization are the following: rape, or canola;, alsike clover; buckwheat; lantana; St. John’s wort; switchgrass and some other panicums, and ornamental hypericums. Both St. John’s wort and ornamental hypericums have showy, golden-yellow flowers. Animals do not readily eat them. White goats frequently become badly sunburned when they are on rape pasture in bright, sunny weather with little or no shade.

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