Goat Related Resources

Dairy Goats

Cornell University: NYS 4-H Dairy Goat Program

Langston University: Grade A dairy goat farm requirements (for Oklahoma; contact your State Department of Agriculture)

Pennsylvania State University: Goat Housing and Equipment (includes milking barns/milk house plans)

University of California: Raising Dairy Goat Kids (PDF)

Washington State University Extension: Your Dairy Goat (PDF)


Feeding and Nutrition

Alabama Cooperative Extension System: Nutrition Requirements of Sheep and Goats

Langston University: Nutritional Requirements (Calculator); Body Condition Scoring; Goat diet/feed examples

Tuskegee University: Sustainable Year-Round Forage Production and Grazing/Browsing Management for Goats in the Southern Region (PDF and Video)

Washington State University Extension: Nutritional flushing of small ruminants (PDF)


General Production and Management

Alabama Cooperative Extension System: Goats

Cornell University: Meat Goat Herd Management Factsheets 

Florida A and M University: Small Ruminant ProgramMaster Goat and Sheep Program

University of Kentucky: Goat Resource Page

Langston University: Goat Library

Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service: Meat goat selection and care

Penn State:Goat Production

Washington State University Extension: Individual goat production record (PDF); Goat meat facts poster (PDF)


Health and Biosecurity 

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control

Florida A and M University: Herd Health Program

Langston University: Castrating buck kids; Body condition scoring

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: How to calculate dry ingredients for a footbath

Oklahoma State University: Foot rot control (PDF)

The Texas A&M System: Biosecurity for Sheep and Goat Producers

Tuskegee University: Integrated Management of Internal Parasites in Goats (PDF)

University of Maine: Foot Rot in Sheep and Goats

University of Rhode Island: NE Small Ruminant Parasite Control; Videos on parasite control, FAMACHA©, fecal egg counting

Washington State University Extension: Washington State Veterinary Medicine ExtensionProducer Affidavit & Market Goat Health Record and instructions (PDF); Preventing navel ill (PDF)Selenium: essential for livestock health (PDF)Tube feeding neonatal small ruminants (PDF);



Langston University: Housing for your goat

Pennsylvania State University: Goat Housing and Equipment 

University of Tennessee: Ag. Building and Equipment Plan List



Cornell University: Kidding Season Meat Goat Mentoring Guide; Low Input Lambing & Kidding Resource Guide

Sheepangoat.com: Getting ready for lambing and kidding; Raising lambs and kids artificially (raising orphans/bottle babies)

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: Breeding and Kidding Management


Marketing and Products

Cornell University: Sheep and Goat Marketing 

Langston University: Meat goat production and marketingMarketing meat goats: Channel, supply,and demandConsumer demand for goat meat



Cornell University: Goats in the Woods Workbook – PDF manual for using goats in forest management; Handouts from Cornell Goat & Sheep Annual Symposium

Langston University:  Composting Dead Goats Bulletin (PDF); Mortality Composting website;


Youth and Showing

Cornell University: NYS 4-H Dairy Goat ProgramNYS 4-H Meat Goat Program

Washington State University Extension: Fair animals are food animals (PDF); Youth market livestock profit calculator (XLS file); 4-H livestock volunteer disease prevention training module4-H livestock volunteer housing and welfare  training module; 4-H livestock volunteer quality assurance training module;  Selecting a 4-H/FFA Meat Goat Project Animal (PDF); Training, grooming and showing market goats (PDF)