Goat Reproduction Selection


Selecting goats for breeding is important. The producer must identify the most desirable traits that their breeding stock will pass on to their offspring. Focus on the few really important traits as this will speed up change in each one.  There are different methods and tools for selecting animals. These should be combined so that the producer is not just going by visual appraisal (what the animal looks like), but also takes into account genetic capabilities as well.  Although the most common selection information used is visual appraisal, other important selection tools to use include breeding and performance records, and  genetic evaluation tools like on-farm or central performance testing, and progeny testing leading to EPDs (expected progency differences) or EBVs (estimated breeding value).

Visual Appraisal

Breeding and Performance Records

Genetic Animal Evaluation EPDs


For much more detailed information about selection, see the Genetic Selection section.