Goat Vegetation Facilities




Goats being used for vegetation control in the southern United States typically need little shelter. Often goats have enough shade and shelter from the rain by utilizing cover from existing trees during the summer. Goats need shelter from the wind during the winter, which may be accomplished with a gully, pond bank, brushy mott or brush pile. Standing brush or cedars can also provide shelter. Does should be bred to kid late enough in the spring so that shelter is not required. Does can kid in the field with minimal assistance. In northern climates, shelter may be necessary due to the cold weather. Goats have relatively little subcutaneous fat and are subject to being chilled.

Some goat producers in northern climates kid in the barn before pastures emerge and release does and kids to pasture when vegetation begins to grow. These producers often kid in small pens or “jugs” and, after animals have bonded, return them to the herd. This process is labor intensive, but some producers have learned to do it efficiently.

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