Jodie Pennington, Lincoln University

Jodie Pennington is small ruminant educator in the SW region of Missouri.  He is employed by Lincoln University in Missouri and works in partnership with the University of Missouri Extension in areas of goat and sheep management, production, and marketing.    His primary audience is producers of sheep and goats who have small acreage and limited resources, but he works with all audiences.  As part of the mission of Lincoln University, minorities of Hispanic or Hmong origin and native Americans with sheep and goats are targeted to better meet the needs of the under-served and under-represented.

Contact Information:

Jodie A. Pennington, Ph.D.

SW Region Small Ruminant Educator

Lincoln University Cooperative Extension

Newton County Extension Center

Smith Hall (Crowder College), 601 Laclede Avenue

Neosho, MO 64850-9165

1-417-455-9500; fax 417-455-9505