Post Weaning Management in Goats

Post Weaning Management:

After weaning, utilize your records to select the animals you want to keep in the herd for replacements and start managing them for that purpose. Also evaluate the performance of the breeding does andĀ bucks. Use your records to determine which does are doing a good job and cull those that are not producing for you. Look at theĀ bucks and decide if one of them needs to be replaced because his kids are not growing as well as you would like.

Market your kids when market conditions allow and attempt to market at the higher prices. However, realize that if you feed them for additional time, that extra feed increases your investment in the kids. Evaluate the possible increase in price with the cost of upkeep until you expect the market conditions to change. Even kids on pasture create expenses. Market the kids, and any cull does and bucks before next breeding starts.