Estrus Synchronization for Timed Artificial Insemination in Goats

Based on the research and demonstration work of Dr. Charlotte Farin and William Knox, North Carolina State University, and Dr. Niki Whitley, The Cooperative Extension Program at North Carolina A&T State University

Estrus synchronization combined with artificial insemination (AI) is used regularly in cattle and has been useful for breeding management. These technologies would also be useful for goat farmers interested in using AI to increase the genetic merit of offspring. Estrus synchronization reduces the amount of time required for

Goat Reproduction Reproductive Techniques

Artificial Insemination

Placing semen from the male into the female is called artificial insemination, or AI. Usually, for the females to bred by AI, the estrous cycle is synchronized so they will all show heat at a similar time. This reduces the time and labor for heat checking. Some estrus synchronization programs are designed so the females can all be inseminated (bred) at a fixed time without having to check heat. For more information on hormone programs that have been …