tatiana Luisa Stanton, Cornell University

Dr. tatiana Stanton is the Cornell University Small Ruminant Extension Specialist. Her extension work focuses on kidding and lambing management, and innovations in nutrition and parasite management.  She also works with marketing and processing of goat meat products and helped create www.sheepgoatmarketing.info and write the NY Resource Guide to Direct Marketing Livestock and Poultry .  In her spare time, tatiana maintains a 40 doe, pasture-based meat goat herd.  Prior to coming to Cornell, tatiana worked with goat and sheep farmers …

Uma Karki, Tuskegee University

Dr. Uma Karki is an Associate Professor and State Extension Livestock Specialist at Tuskegee University, Cooperative Extension Program and the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Her current research and Extension activities focus on the sustainable livestock production system, year-round forage production and grazing/browsing management, integrated management of animal diseases and parasites, agroforestry/silvopasture system, and understanding animal behavior and distribution patterns in grazing lands.

Contact information

Uma Karki, Ph.D.

Associate Professor/State Extension Livestock Specialist

204 Mary Starke Harper Hall

Tuskegee …

Susan Kerr, Washington State University

Dr. Susan Kerr received degrees in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University. After 7 years in mixed rural private veterinary practice, she entered a doctoral program at Kansas State University and received a PhD in Education. She was the Washington State University-Klickitat County Extension Director for 17 years and is now the WSU NW Regional Livestock and Dairy Extension Specialist in Mount Vernon, WA.

Contact Information

Susan Kerr, DVM, PhD, PAS

WSU NW Regional Livestock and Dairy Extension …

Charlotte Clifford-Rathert, Lincoln University

bio pic for Charlotte Clifford-Rathert DVM

Charlotte Clifford-Rathert DVM is an Associate Professor of Extension at Lincoln University in Missouri. She currently serves as the State Small Ruminant Specialist.   Her research focus is embryonic and fetal loss in goats and sheep, invasive vegetation control using goats and sheep, and small ruminant herd health management. Her goals are to provide educational answers to health and production questions that goat and sheep producers may have, and to help promote and maintain a market for today’s goat and …

Jodie Pennington, Lincoln University

Jodie Pennington is small ruminant educator in the SW region of Missouri.  He is employed by Lincoln University in Missouri and works in partnership with the University of Missouri Extension in areas of goat and sheep management, production, and marketing.    His primary audience is producers of sheep and goats who have small acreage and limited resources, but he works with all audiences.  As part of the mission of Lincoln University, minorities of Hispanic or Hmong origin and native Americans with …