Goat Feeding Different Classes

Feeding Different Classes of Goats

The feeding suggestions that follow are oriented to commercial goat producers. Purebred, show and companion animals are often fed more for larger frames and better body condition, but excessive body condition can be deleterious to the animal health.


Goat Artificial Raising of Kids

Artificial Raising of Kids

Sometimes it is necessary to bottle feed young kids due to death of the mother or the mother’s refusing to take them. Milk feeding of commercial meat goats is usually not economical. It may be avoided by cross-fostering kids onto another doe as described under the goat management section. If a bottle raised kid is with other kids and does, it may learn to steal sufficient milk to raise itself. Kids can be raised on cow …

Goat Interactive Nutrient Calculator

Using the Langston University

Interactive Nutrient Calculator

Practical goat nutrition involves providing sufficient nutrients for a desired level of productivity (milk, meat, or kids) at a reasonable cost. Nutrients are supplied via a combination of pastures, supplements, and other feedstuffs; adequate amounts are required for animals to produce at an economically viable level. For commercial meat goat production, the economics of nutrition are of paramount importance due to their great impact on cost of production and subsequent profit. For show, …