Goat Breeds Kinder


Kinder buck.


Kinder does.


Kinder kid.


Kinder goats were developed in 1987 by the Showalter family who crossed a Nubian doe with a Pygmy buck. The breed was developed as a dual-purpose breed for milk and meat. Kids usually are born weighing 4 or 5 pounds and grow rapidly at a rate of about 7 pounds per month.

Recently, 6-month-old and 14 month old Kinder wethers …

Goat Breeds Myotonic


Myotonic doelings.


Myotonic does.


Myotonic buck.

Myotonic goats, which have roots in Tennessee, are often referred to as wooden leg, stiff leg or Tennessee fainting goats. These goats have a recessive gene that makes their skeletal muscles lock up when the animal is startled, causing them to fall over briefly. It is one of the few breeds indigenous to the United States. The Myotonic goat is …