Marketing Meat Goats, the Basic System

Marketing Meat Goats, the Basic System

Marion Simon, State Specialist for Small Farm and Part-time Farmers, Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program, 400 East Main St., Frankfort, KY 40601


Goat meat is an important food source worldwide and in several areas of the United States, particularly among nontraditional, “new” immigrant, and ethnic groups. Even though goats provided an important resource in the development of the United States, goat production became localized and was bypassed by the commercial and industrialized …

Goat Marketing


Meat Goat Marketing

Demographic shifts in the United States indicate that there are almost 53 million people who have a preference for goat meat. There are approximately 2 million market goats in the United States, according to the latest agricultural statistics. Based on consumption trends, goat demand exceeds inventory by 160 percent.

As the meat-goat industry in the United States has grown, so to has the market infrastructure. Producers must realize that our markets are dependent on demographics, supply/demand and …