Goat Reproduction


Photo of dam nursing kids.

Understanding reproduction in goats is essential to increasing productivity, which is largely a function of pregnancy rate, the number of offspring born and weaned and the frequency with which kids are produced. Therefore, goat reproductive management should produce a high level of fertility (greater than 90 percent) and an optimum litter size (two kids) with a high rate of survival to weaning. Understanding reproductive processes in the goat will help producers manage their herd …

Goat Reproduction Lactation


Lactation is a period of milk production. The organ that produces the milk is the mammary gland. In her udder, a doe typically has 2 glands (one in each half of the udder) and 1 teat per gland (one empties each half of the udder) and 1 streak canal, or opening, per teat. Boer and Savanna goats may have more than one teat per gland, but care should be taken to make sure that number and teat form do …