Goat Reproductive Failure Physiological Factors

Physiological Factors

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Reproductive failure can result when hormones are not produced in the correct amount or in the right pattern or if no egg is produced and released from the ovary. Ovaries can become cystic (both follicular and luteal, so either before or after ovulation). In does with follicular cysts, which are rare, the follicle with the egg grows but there is failure of ovulation, or release of the egg. This type of cyst usually results in females …

Goat Reproduction Reproductive Failure

Reproductive Failure

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Reproductive failure can be defined as either sterility or infertility. Sterility occurs when there is a permanent problem preventing kid production, while infertility, or temporary sterility, is the inability to produce live young within a specific time period. There are a number of factors that can cause reproductive failure including physiological, toxicological and psychological factors.  Please see the links below for specific information on these causes.   

Physiological Factors

Toxicological Factors

Psychological Factors

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