Goat Reproduction Season Impacts Reproduction



Attempts to satisfy the growing demand for goat meat have suffered in part due to the seasonal breeding of goats maintained in non-tropical areas of the world. The normal breeding season for goats occurs when days are shorter, but will depend on breed, location, nutrition and other factors. During the anestrous season, a small percentage of does show estrus (heat) and ovulation rate decreases. This means that there is a decreased ability for the doe to become pregnant …

Season Impacts Reproduction: Other Influences

Other Influences on Reproduction in Goats

Differences exist in the onset and length of the breeding season among the various breeds of goats and even between individual animals within a breed. Geographic location, particularly degree of latitude, has a significant impact on timing and length of the breeding season. At locations close to the equator, tropical breeds of goats often breed throughout the year. However, factors such as rainfall, nutrition and lactational status can also affect breeding season. Other stressors …