Judging Goat Age by Teeth

When might you need to look at a goat’s teeth to estimate its age? Perhaps when selecting breeding stock, slaughter animals, or individuals to cull. It’s a good idea to look at an animal’s teeth before purchase to make sure you are buying the age of animal you want. Teeth should also be monitored regularly to check for treatable problems and make culling decisions based on age and soundness.

All goats only have incisors on their lower jaw; these are …

Goat Dentition

All domestic animals have two successive sets of teeth. Deciduous teeth, or milk teeth, are the first set of teeth in young animals. These are replaced by a permanent set of teeth as animals age.

In an anatomic tooth-identification system, permanent teeth are designated as incisor (I), canine (C), premolar (P), and molar (M); deciduous teeth are designated as Di, Dc, and Dp. The canine tooth of domestic ruminants has commonly been counted as a fourth incisor.

The dental formulas …