Goat Weaning Management

Weaning is a very stressful time for the kids and does. There are several major problems that can result if kids are not properly weaned. These include coccidiosis outbreaks in the kids and mastitis in the does. Both of these can result in death and reduced performance. Prevention of these problems through proper weaning technique is simple if you follow some basic steps.

Taken from: Goat Management: Weaning By: Dr. Ken Andries, Kentucky State University

Facility Preparation for Weaning 


Facility Preparation for Weaning Kids

Facility Preparation for Weaning:

Weaning can be very stressful on the kids, resulting in outbreaks of coccidiosis and other diseases. This is also a time when your fences and pens are tested. It is important to start thinking about weaning well in advance of the actual date. The first step is to make sure you have a pasture or holding pens ready for the kids when they are weaned. This will include examination of the fences, water system, and feeding …