Which diseases of sheep and goats are reportable?

According to the USDA’s National Animal Health Reporting System (www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/nahss/disease_status.htm#sheep), the following sheep and/or goat diseases are reportable to state and/or federal animal health authorities. Individual states may require additional diseases to be reported, and additional diseases may be added to this list at any time.
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)
Vesicular stomatitis (VS)
Peste des petits ruminants
Rift Valley fever
Sheep pox and goat pox
Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis)
Aujesky’s disease (Pseudorabies)
Heartwater (Cowdria ruminantium)
Q fever (Coxiella burnetti)
Paratuberculosis (Johne’s disease – Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis)
New World screwworm (Chrysomyia hominivorax)
Old World screwworm (Chrysomyia bezziana)
Bovine tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis)
Theileriasis (Theileria annulata, T. parva)
Ovine epididymitis (Brucella ovis infection)
Caprine arthritis / encephalitis (CAE)
Contagious agalactia (Mycoplasma agalactiae, M. capricolum capricolum, M. putrefaciens, M. mycoides mycoides, M. mycoides mycoides LC)
Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (Mycoplasma capricolum capripneumoniae)
Enzootic abortion of ewes (Ovine psittacosis, Chlamydia psittaci)
Nairobi sheep disease
Salmonellosis (Salmonella abortus ovis)
Maedi-visna/ovine progressive pneumonia
Tularemia (Francisella tularensis)
Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever
West Nile fever
Brucellosis (B. melitensis)
For additional information on reportable animal diseases, search for FAQs and articles by animal group (swine, horses, poultry, cattle, sheep, and goats) or by specific disease.